How to Become a Translator and earn up to $300/day!

Today, there are many individuals learning various foreign languages, they can easily translate from a foreign language into mother tongue or from mother tongue into a foreign language. For such persons, becoming a translator is a great way to make money online. It is a very profitable business as there is a lot of work coming in on a regular basis and a good translator normally can earn up to $300/day which is good enough to make a handsome living. Hence getting a good translation job can put you on the road to success. In this article, I will talk about what you need to know to become a good translator and which tools you need in order to become a translator on the Internet.

How to Become a Translator

 A translator doesn’t really need many skills to succeed in their chosen career. Here are the most important skills and tools which a translator need.

1. The translator has to know two languages. An ideal situation is translating from another language to your mother tongue. If you are translating from another language to your mother tongue, you can always present it in a fashion that the true import of the source is brought in lucidly to the liking of readers of your own language.

2. You Must Have Adequate Subject Knowledge. When translating a written text from one language to another, translators need some knowledge in the field which they will be translating – whether it is fiction, non-fiction, poetry, biography, textbook, philosophy, religion, mythology, hymns, etc. So, in each case, you must have adequate Subject Knowledge.

3. Required Degrees.

Many translation companies require you to have a degree. However, this degree isn’t always a degree in translation. Instead, the degree is more often in the subject that they will be translating. For example, a degree in art history or medical works, etc.

4. The Dictionaries.

You had to be prepared for any translation so you need to use hundreds of dictionaries in every field. Depending on the languages you are going to use, you will find a complete bilingual dictionary, as well as unilingual dictionaries in both languages. You also have online dictionaries in all languages. They are very easy to find on the Internet.

5. The Softwares

The client may send you the text which may be input in different softwares. The main softwares are usually Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excell, Acrobat PDF files, PageMaker, QuarkXpress, Web pages, Flash, etc. Translators need to be able to use word-processors and similar softwares. This probably isn’t the hard skill in the world to pick up.

If you are interested in doing translation, I will tell you in my opinion, the best place to start!

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Good luck and enjoy this great way of making money!

See you later with more ways of making money over the internet!


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  1. wordsfusion says:

    Looks like a great way to make money if you’ve got the skills!

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